This Is Not Alphabet Street

I was watching a documentary on Prince the other day and recalling just a significant contributor he was to various genres of music.  He was always behind Michael Jackson in terms of size of popularity and such, but I preferred Prince for his innovative work in creating soundscapes and making his mark his way on what I heard.  Not all his songs were to my taste and he didn’t dislodge Stevie Wonder in my order of musical genius and greatness, but the guy was good and when he struck gold, he struck it big time.  I wasn’t a sucker for his big hits all the time, but I had more than a soft spot for tracks like Raspberry Beret and Alphabet Street.

That video for the latter was a landmark in crazy colours and a visually aggressive and arresting display.  It had a distinct effect on me.  For all that and possibly rightly so, Prince will not allow his music to be up on YouTube or sites of that nature.  Quite right too.  So for your viewing and listening pleasure what is above and below is definitely not Alphabet Street as sung by Prince.  It is almost as good.  Enjoy.




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