On Arsenal – What Others Had to Say

Yeah I could go on about Arsenal – I really could and maybe I will (you know I have). As the season start approaches I thought it was worthwhile drawing your attention in particular to two articles I’ve read in the pre-season period that sum up just what is wrong with the Gunners at the moment.

Ed over at United Rant put together a great piece highlighting the hypocrisy of Wenger’s upset at the ‘tapping up’ of some of his players – namely those who were most likely to leave anyway.  The piece is especially good at highlighting the problem with the concept of tapping up.  I don’t see a problem with it at all personally as long as it doesn’t involve the patently illegal and slanderous.

When I read this piece over at YankeeGunner I was blown away.  This was how well a true fan of the club sums up what the feeling is.  The structure of it was impressive and the argument within it and the general feel commended it as highly worthwhile reading.  It is fairly no holds barred, but it’s not the defamation of the club.  It highlights where responsibilities should go fairly reasonably.  I don’t have to agree with everything – but I still greatly appreciate the reading of this wonderful article.

This is an important season in the history of Arsenal Football Club – what happens between now and May will affect the Wenger era.  If it goes well the manager will be able to look at a lot of blog entries over this summer and consider it arguably one of his greatest achievements.  If it does not go well – and there will be little in the way of ambiguity – then it could spell the end of possibly the best manager Arsenal have ever had and certainly the longest reigning.

That story in itself should make the 2011-12 season worth watching particularly closely – it’s a soap story wrapped in a drama encased in a tragedy cordoned within a comedy shackled in a football club in London – and its what makes the game so engrossing.




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