Driving Rhythm Songs by The Beatles

The other night  I was set to do the old washing up for the family.  That can be a fair amount of washing up with five people in the family especially the attentions of three growing daughters and of course crucially one very big eater – which would be me.  So with the responsibility of sorting out the cleaning left up to muggins I set about me work and knew I’d have to utilise the power of music to get me through the chore.  So for the first time in ages I referred to a group I used to listen to quite often in my teenage years, you might have heard of them – The Beatles (criminally under-represented on this blog).

The first song that came to me head was the biggie All You Need Is Love and as I listened I noticed there was a driving beat in it that I’d heard elsewhere.

Lo and behold there it was the familiar driving rhythm in their not as big tune Getting Better, which is a song I’ve particularly enjoyed hearing when it comes to Beatles material.  Yet that was not the only place where that insistent driving rhythm was present.

Ah ha – a classic from the school days – one of my all time favourite Beatles tunes good ol’ Penny Lane.  There it was keeping the tune bouncing along and for all the minor chords used in it the beat kept it a rather chirpy sounding tune and one that you could make progress with the ol’ washing up and no mistake.  Was that it?  Hold on what other song did I remember with that same drive?

Fixing A Hole.  Writing that makes me think that the title may have more than one meaning with the other not being so nice as it refers to sorting out those who are rather unpleasant characters.  Anyhow there it is when you get through not as persistent, but you can tell the drive is still there.

Thus it ended a good session of washing up with all crockery and utensils replaced all in the space of some decent tunes (obviously I’d repeat them – I’m not that quick). Enjoy – especially if you’re doing the ol’ washing up!




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