A Definition of Genius in Football

We are agreed, I believe.  Some terms are over-used in football.  Terms like ‘great’, ‘legend’ and for the purposes of this entry ‘genius’.  Maybe we’re lazy. Maybe we’re just taken up with a flash of brilliance and use that as the basis to get over-excited and use whatever words spring to mind.

I think then it would help to have some guidance in terms of defining terms to help understand who falls in the right category.  There are good players and very good players.  There are great players.  Genius players do not surpass great but they are in a special category for their charisma and excitement they bring to a football match.  Their skills and innovation bring something fresh and unique to the game that few players ever achieve.  Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne could have been included in that list … but … well … the guy was so intermittent that it was really hard to include him among such a selection of greats. Wayne Rooney is a very good on his way to greatness, but he’s not football genius.  Cristiano Ronaldo is a contentious question – undoubtedly more consistent than Gascoigne, and with more special to offer than Rooney.  As the one with the biggest football transfer and his reputation it’s a fair effort to put him up there … but not yet.

So here are football geniuses in my humble opinion.  Go enjoy and then converse.




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