They Did Good

WWE did good.

You read that right. I haven’t been smoking (don’t smoke anyway), I haven’t been hallucinating (I don’t take recreational drugs anyway), I’m not joking (OK you got me on that one because I do joke from time to time, but not this time).

I think I might have been spoilt by the era of Rock and Austin in their prime. As a result of that kind of wrestling at that level with that excitement and those wrestlers, everything since has been compared to that. Maybe that was unfair but the reality is my enjoyment of wrestling has not hit such peaks again. I am too eager to sniff around and find fault with the product and WWE are only too quick to give me reason to be critical. However, I press on in the hope that something might come along to restore my hope in World Wrestling Entertainment. Last night’s Money in the Bank PPV was just such an opportunity.

And WWE did good.

Placement of all the matches worked well. Length of matches were perfecctly acceptable to me especially as other than the main event the point of the ppv was about a lucrative contract in a multi,nan maych up. The right winners happened in the right way to develop ongoing storylines and start new ones. There were outstanding performers putting in outstanding performances.




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