Going Ga-Ga For Golf?

Let me get this straight. I hit the ball. It goes far. I look for it. Hit it again til I get it in a hole. Is that it?

I am not a great sporty guy. I don’t play sport regularly and of the sports around I only follow a few closely. You should know by now that football is huge passion of mine. Other than that I don’t really bother with much.

Of all the sports I’ve been put off by, the one I found most off-putting was golf. For ages I just did not get a game of getting a stick to whack a small ball as quickly as you can over vast distances to put in a hole 18 times. Now I like walking, I really do. But walking so far to find the ball to walk further for so long – well even I thought that was a bit overdone. So as much as I was aware of the game and heard some key personalities, I steered well clear of the sport. I could have played it Sixth Form, but found something worthwhile with less walking and ball finding involved.

So let me get this straight I don't have to actually hit anything or walk anywhere and play this in the comfort of my mate's house? When can I start?!!

So with such apathy for the sport I only paid attention when a school friend showed me a PGA golf game on a computer. Now that was fun – and a lot less walking involved. So did I get into golf then? Nah. One thing to like a computer game, another thing to hear old geezers whisper about dudes whacking the ball towards the hole – that was still boring. It remained so for years. Even the phenomenon of Tiger Woods merely made me aware that me PGA game was now called Tiger Woods. I didn’t watch golf more, though I paid attention to his trophy accumulation and subsequent decline and setback for personal and physical reasons.

Why do they say 'fore' when a ball is hit? What's that fore?

Last year things changed a little. Whilst working in Wigan, i came across a remarkable young man called Martin. Despite supporting Everton I loved the guy. He was a great guy to know, obviously because he was into his football. What he was also into was his golf. He evidently enjoyed playing as often as he could. Now I didn’t get it, but I was fascinated by his love for it. Being the inqusitive kind of guy I am I loved finding out what he did and why he loved it. Our time together was all too brief, but by the time our paths diverged as I moved to Milton Keynes, I left with more of an appreciation for people who loved the game.

Is this what they mean by putt-ing it simply?

Did I watch it? Don’t be silly! Yet I find myself in an iinteresting predicament in my current place of work. As you should have gathered, good working relations is important to me. I find myself now working alongside another quality human being. We’ll call him ‘Neil’. Great guy, great sense of humour, gregarious in nature, all round top bloke. Not perfect – he supports Spurs so he’s used to delusions. Beyond that though I’m a big fan of the hombre. It should come as no surprise to you in the context of this here blog that Neil loves his golf. When I say loves, I mean he only puts football above golf. He loves playing it, he loves watching it. So as with people who love stuff, I take an interest. On this occasion, however, Neil’s enthusiasm for the game is infectious.

What do you do with a beautifully lush green lawn when there's a white ball that needs somewhere to go? You put a hole in one.

Does that mean I’ll now be a golfing aficionado? Am I in love with the sport? Well, no. I have however taken a bit more of an interest. I chose to record and watch the documentary on Seve Ballesteros. I enjoyed it. I found it a fitting tribute to the guy. Now the British Open is about to start and I have been invited by Neil to watch it. Well that would be a first.

Is that going to happen? Where will this golf deal end up? Am I going ga-ga for golf?




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