When It’s No Longer Your Private Business

Human beings can be expected to be perfectly human in all their being. Capable of acts of brilliance, grace and beauty as well as depravity, disgrace and disgust. We are all capable of it and some of us have committed those acts. We are to be held accountable for those acts and will, even if in our own consciences, live with consequences.

Some are elevated due to their celebrity to a position where they are under great scrutiny and are expected to live up to moral standards that most of us fail by. There are debates as to whether footballers private lives should be the material for tabloid headlines. After all they are in the spotlight for their sporting prowess. They don’t ask to be considered as paragons of virtues and are young men who have to deal with wealth and fame and all that comes with it. It can be like living in a bubble that few can understand.

So we can understand the concern of players when their private issues have been plastered across the Star/Mirror/Sun. Manchester United seems to have been on the brunt of affairs recently with two of their veterans in the news for alleged extra-marital affairs. If the question is about are people interested, the answer would be in the positive because of the attention it gets and possibly the sales that go with it. Whether it is actually in the public interest can be persuasively argued in the negative.

What intrigues me, however, with the two united players is why their cause is to protect their privacy, rather than address the truth of the allegations. I might be from the old school in this sense, but if papers talk about me having sexual dalliances whilst married and it’s not true, I should threaten legal action until suitable reparations are made. Yet what has happened has been aborted super-injunctions and being upset over privacy intrusion. That strikes me as odd, as though the story is true but should not be used in the paper.

The problem with their position is as follows. Privacy can be observed as long as it is the private dealings between and wife. Once a third party is involved, however, the privacy argument doesn’t weigh so strong. After all, it takes three to have an affair. If the woman outside the marriage wants to make money from it and have her kiss-and-tell, it should be clear that the player’s right to privacy is fairly tenuous, esoecially considering the position you hold in society.

I don’t take pleasure in these recent affairs. It is not just the marriage that is affected, but children are involved and lives can be forever damaged. I would like to think that somewhere in society there are those who want their footballers to be role models. Otherwise it justifies a culture that is selfish and without responsibility and broken lives left in its wake.




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