Talking Tevez

Well finally we are in July and by the end of the month the football will be reaching the boiling point as transfers go through, squads settle and pre-season training and games come to a close. I hate June for the very reason that is has little to nothing to offer football wise.

Here we are though, in July and some hints of transfers are becoming more substantial. United have made three very good transfers. City have made two good signings. Even Liverpool have splashed some cash to strengthen the side. Arsenal have bought some and have also got in a spot of bother over those they are to sell – they are a different story, for a different blog.

One transfer story that seems to have been going longer than any other is the departure of Carlos Tevez from Manchester City. It must be since Mark Hughes left the club and it was obvious that Tevez and Mancini were not bosom buddies that the Argentinian was ‘unsettled’. Despite given the captaincy and a prominent in the role in the side, despite the club virtually bending over backwards to accommodate him, the brother has failed to appear to show gratitude and a willingness to commit to the project.

Be in no doubt, Tevez’s contribution to City last season was immense. The man is an outstanding player and he deserved the attention for what he gives the team as a goalscoring threat and a creative menace to opponents. Losing him will be a big loss for the side and he is not one of those that you replace. He is one of a kind and you change your team’s strategy when you lose him.

Yet surely Man City fans respect the club far too much to let the wranglings of one player overshadow the whole course of the team. No player is bigger than the club. If the brother needs to leave for whatever reasons, then it is best for everyone that a fee is arranged and the guy leaves as soon as possible. Liverpool were the better for it when it came to Torres. Arsenal will appreciate it when Fabregas leaves. Spurs will appreciate it if Modric wants to leave. United have not turned back when Ronaldo wanted to move on. It is not as though City are strapped for cash. It is not as though there are not a host of quality strikers who can score the goals that there creative outlets can provide.

What this episode highlights is not so much player power as the need for football clubs to not get so hung up on wantaway stars and crack on with building a squad of players who want to play forthe side.




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