AF Mid-Year Update

The last ten days have seen relatively sporadic blogging here on Among Friends and that is because I’ve needed a break from it for a while after a fairly consistent period of blogging over the year so far.  Indeed, up to June 19th there had only been three days that an entry had not been posted on the blog in the year to date, which is a fair indicator of the level of consistency that has been on the blog.  As well as needing a break, there hve also been some technical issues of late that has prevented the usual flow of posts.  Those technical difficulties are scheduled to be resolved over the month and the idea is that after the break business will pick up again.

So the year so far has been fairly packed with activity on the blog:

January’s highlights include the tribute to Asterix establishing why he was indeed the dude.  There was also time to celebrate the beloved chocolate digestive – which remains a highly valued sponsor to the blog.  This was also the month that saw the first in a monthly series on reviewing the state of wrestling from across the pond.  It has been interesting how in the run up to WrestleMania at least two entries had to go up to follow SmackDown and Raw and if anything decent came out of TNA there was room for that also.   Yet after the Grandaddy of them All business seemed to taper off to the point that the review covering last month – scheduled for Sunday will just be the one entry covering all of what’s going on in wrestling so insignificant appears the scene at present.  This has been a welcome and fairly well read regular feature to the blog which will soon get it’s own top-line heading!

February was another busy month.  This shortest of months was also privy to a number of mini-series blogs throughout the month.  the first had started in January but peaked in February with its inclusion of no less than three blogs on the subject of brilliant satirical puppet show – Spitting Image. The music of the great George Harrisonwas also prominent in the month as were the efforts of the soulful genius that was Marvin Gaye.  this was also the time when I was reacquainted with a very precious old advert which has been updated and highlights how great the original ones – those who who remember the days before the internet would appreciate that flashback. Some blog entries are likely to get occasional views, but a real sleeper might pop along and get views in an unexpected but pleasing manner.  This one in February was my enjoyment of Spanish Football.  I didn’t perceive it could be so popular but it is and that is very pleasing!  Following the delight over chocolate digestives, it was only right that something similar was said about beefburgers, and I came up with the goods on their behalf.

March was the time where I came across a great YouTube account by some creative types who have a great line in alternative endings to popular movies.  It’s no surprise that I came across them when I saw their version of how Dark Knight should have ended.  Quality funny material.  Speaking of the things to make me chuckle, after years of struggling I finally came across the one product that could help to make the difference in the issue that matters in me life – I reintroduce to The Manslator. No doubt that it is the Must Have Product of the Year! Just when you thought it was safe to not get a mention about chocolate it rears its great tasting head again in a conferring regarding the problem with Snickers and whether or not I was justified in pinching two from my own wife.  There was also time to consider the matter of the write stuff when it came to biographies and the like.  Though published book reviews have waned of late, there are a stack of reviews waiting to be posted as well as book reviews in progress. Thjis echoes well with the level of commitment to ensuring there are more reviews on this here site this year.

April was such a busy month that this was the first time that a few days had been missed out from

blogging.  With so much going on it was not possible to keep with everything.  The biggest regret was not being able to blog reviews of the sixth series of the new Doctor Who, though I was able to preview it aswell as pop on some other related material over the months.  It is a target of mine to be able to post reviews of episodes in this series as the first half of this one has been outstanding and actually also shows how good series five was that introduced us to the Eleventh Doctor. Meanwhile I was captivated by Lionel Richie’s live updating of his classic All Night Long and that got its proper blog space along with the comparison to the original.  This was the month that saw WrestleMania but of all the wrestling related entries over the month it was a trip down memory lane to see how Rock turns heel that was the undoubted highlight.  There was also room in the month for a mini series on the comic antics of Rowan Atkinson to boot.

May is a time for wrapping up the football season and the 2010-11 season provided enough talking points to do a full-on review of life in the Premier League with its winners and losers.  There was a lot of laughs on the blog in this month and that was headed by the outstanding Steve Coogan whether on The Day Today, I’m Alan Partridge or the hilarious Mid-Morning Matters the guy was a relentless and consummate performer.  Following the funny theme the programme Look Around You was a great spoof of programmes from the old days like Tomorrow’s World and so it was good having a laugh through them. In more serious affairs there was time to reflect and review the reputation of one of Britain’s most influential politicians.  Keeping things ticking over, in the music world, the month was represented well by some classics from Queen especially in a month where champions were decided.

June may have been the least prolific month in terms of blogs posted but it was no less a month for quality blogging. Despite the downturn in activity in the wrestling world, the month still provided a chance to reflect on what it is about wrestling that makes it so compelling especially its relationship with the truth. There was a rich musical contribution over the month especially from the artist known as Dwele who provided a great mix of songs from tributes to superb original tracks of his own. A great blast from the past also came from Tears for Fears in their hit Sowing the Seeds of Love sharing both the original and its live version almost two decades later. Nostalgia also cropped up in celebrating the theme tune to the Gameboy’s Tetris game – good times, good memories.  The half way point of the year was marked with the sad passing of the actor who inhabited the greatest TV detective of all time, the tribute was the least that could be done for such a superb actor.

This should indicate that it’s been a busy and fruitful year on AF so far and there is still so much more to come including movie reviews and that elusive first interview on the blog – all in good time though.  With wrestling ever present, football around the corner and later on the second half of the brilliant Doctor Who series and a whole ream of excellent music tracks to post, that and much more suggests AF will continue to press for excellence in the rest of 2011.  As always – enjoy.




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