When Is It Real? The History

History.  Taken for granted.  Simplified and reduced to easy to remember points.  Revered, manipulated or just plain old ignored, history one way or another has an intriguing way of making its impact.

Some have remarked that often history is written from the perspective of the winners, and as a  result is subject to some presentations that add gloss or remove tarnish on the image of the victors to at least minimise any faults on the overall philosophy of the winners.  As well as that there are different views on what actually happened and getting the truth on a situation is not always straightforward and the further away from the event we go and as eyewitnesses die out the harder it is to reach a truth about anything – but there is always a strand of truth available to those willing to search.

Following the pro-wrestling line is interesting as well considering that the majority of the history of professional wrestling in North America is owned by one company.  That means the portrayal of that history is subject to the ends of that one company.  So when you hear this promo made in the context of a storyline invasion of companies into the company in question you are left asking that question as well – what is real?  Are all the accusations true?  Are none of them true?  What does it matter?  Well the truth of the matter puts the perspective of the company into its truest light – warts and all.  Yet – this is a storyline isn’t it?  It’s a promo passionately put across by Paul Heyman.  It’s just entertainment, isn’t it?  Just drama to keep the story going right?  Enjoy.




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