When Liverpool Were Last Champions

Not too long ago, my friend and I were conferring on the likelihood of Liverpool finishing fifth in the table and pipping Tottenham to the spot.  As amazing as Liverpool’s resurgence has been, I think overall in the season Spurs have played the better football and on that basis would deserve to finish fifth.  Finishing sixth is still an amazing achievement when you consider the club’s points tally and league position at the turn of the year.

Yet 21 years ago the very thought of not finishing in the top position was considered alien to the thoughts of the fans.  As they acclaimed their 18th title it seemed to be a case of business as usual even if the vintage was not as rich as the 1987-88 winners.  Now as their Old Trafford rivals go one title ahead in the supremacy race, it now puts the club on high alert as to what to do to make amends, and the signs are good, since, ironically the return of the last man to manage the club to that title.  I’m not convinced anything will happen to see us win it next season, but there is hope and the signs are definitely looking good for an interesting title picture in the 2011-12 season and beyond.

In the meantime as a Reds fan, it’s always good to hold onto those memories. Enjoy.




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