Tears For Fears – Sowing The Seeds Of Love

If I have this straight, and I should as I straightened it meself, this song came out in 1989 and the likelihood I’d have been 11 years old at the time.  What an age – you’re not involved in all that puberty deal and things are still relatively new to you, but you’re more ‘street-smart’ than you were in the younger days. I have a fairly clear recollection of the track and I remember being amazed by the way it was almost like walking through something.

Then I saw the original video for it and was mesmerised.  When I got into Beatles music I noticed how it must have influenced a track like this.  It doesn’t detract from it, because the song stands on its own merits.  It is fitting for the time as well – an anthem to a concept that sounds great in concept … then you balance it with reality …

People remember Tears for Fears so that they can take part in a Belgian Proms deal over 15 years after the track was done and possibly at least a decade since they meant anything to the international pop community.  Yet they remain as good as ever and the live version shows they are obviously on the ball when it comes to doing a great performance.  Enjoy.




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