Graeme Souness on His Liverpool Management Days

This may have been shown a little while ago, but it’s worth viewing again just for the sake of gaining hopefully some closure for some on Souness’ time as manager of Liverpool.

I for one did not think that fondly of his time at the club, for me it signalled the end of the glory days and although he had an uneviable job turning the team of the 1980s into one that would be competitive in the 1990s, by his own admission he probably sought to change especially the playing personnel too quickly.  My own issue was selling Beardsley so quickly to Everton of all places and replacing him with … Paul Stewart?

Poor Souness wasn’t every Liverpool fan’s cup of tea and for a while I would try and blank off his managerial career at Anfield because I would get all bitter and twisted.  Thankfully time and medication has allowed me to take a more measured approach and I’m not so vile and bile-filled towards the guy.  It was a tough task and as Man Utd should find out over the next five years, there is a time and a place for certain teams to be dominant and then there’s a time for them to fade away.  Getting to that fade away period can be hard and painful, but on this earth and in football nothing lasts forever.




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