Tetris – The Ultimate Game with The Ultimate Music

Gameboys.  What a device.  What an idea.  What genius and it’s got to be said, they surely were the founders to all the modern hand-held things we use today from iPods and iPhones to the range of other SmartPhones on the market.  (It probably isn’t, but having made that statement I can quote myself and make it sound all authoritative.  The power of words my friends.)

I remember when I had a gameboy only three years after it was already out of fashion and the game for the Gameboy was the one that came with it, I’m of course talking about the addictive Tetris.

Now here I was a booted and suited office worker earning some corn at the workplace doing my bit for Queen and country, but trust me, in my mind I was looking forward to getting me Gameboy out to see if I could add more to the illustrious legacy of scores I’d piled up.

With such a classic game also came not just one, not two, but three tracks that could form the backdrop to the gaming experience.  The first one was the classic and easiest to refer to for typical Tetris players, especially as the mood wasn’t to change the tune unless you were one of those freaky ‘lucky’ players who had you own tune.

As it happens I was one of those freaky players who my own tune, and that tune was option C.  I only put B on for the sake of completion, but trust me when I tell you for all of what A was about, it was C that was the tune for me.  It’s sense of melancholy with a tinge of light at the end of the tunnel and yet still falling away in the depth of inevitability was what gripped me.  (Yeah, I know, far too much analysis in a game tune, but that’s what a piece of music can do for you as you’re fighting against all odds not to let the speed of the tumble-downs affect your rhythm of order!)

Don’t care if they make them like this anymore, all that matters is that it was here.  It happened.  The game happened.  I’d probably get Tetris for me own SmartPhone, but I know I’d also probably not play it as addictively as I did all those years ago – three children and a beautiful wife can do that to you … well it did it to me.  Still, can’t get rid of memories.  Enjoy.




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