Wrestle Watch Monthly (0511) – Raw Review

[The following review was written before yesterday’s Raw.]

Feud wise on raw things are still up in the air. John Morrison is out injured for the time being. The WWE Championship title scene is sort of in limbo. The US title is starting to pick up. Other than that there is very little to report on in terms of what’s going on with the number one broadcast output for the company.

WWE Championship Scene

Right - no title and not title shot - what next for The Miz?

It appears as though the Miz is out of the title scene for the time being. His defeat against Cena in the I Quit match and the following night’s beat up by his now former employee Alex Riley suggests he’s moving on and here’s hoping his momentum isn’t halted by the change. He’s lived up to his catchphrase and has been awesome over the last six months.

Now that means the scene is wide open for someone else to challenge John Cena for the title. I’m over my disappointment of Cena getting the title again. It’s one of those things I have to deal with and just hope it leads to more convincing storylines at the top of the red brand.

Rumours, eh? Well there has been talk about CM Punk being put in another program with Cena, with Punk’s contract due to expire in the summer. Apparently there are efforts to get him to sign a new contract. Whatever, if the rumour is true that Cena’s next program is Punk, that is great news, as long as it is just the two of them. New Nexus is more of a burden on Punk, and as a faction the deal needs to end and end now, so Punk can actually get on with a quality solo career and not carrying others on his coat-tails.

The R-Truth Heel Turn

He's getting a good push as a heel but the jury's still out if it's main event material - and that's The Truth, The Whole Truth ...

As with Smackdown there’s not much else truly off the ground and running with the stuff on Raw at the moment. The only other major deal worth talking about is the R-Truth heel turn. In terms of the reason for it, this revolves around a standard problem of a wrestler waking up to smell the coffee that all his pandering to the fans has got him nowhere, so to make some change for himself he needs to get mean. In Truth’s case the mean deal includes a ‘gone nutty’ twist where he talks to himself on his way to the ring and he talks of conspiracy with mildly racial undertones.

It is the truth to say that R-Truth’s character with the rapping hip-hopping ‘what’s up’ gimmick was going nowhere. Getting the pops is fine, getting people to chant the catchphrase is fine, but it doesn’t get you anywhere near the main event scene. Can Truth wrestle? Sure/ Can he keep a crowd in the palm of his hand? Well … errr … kinda. Is he champion main event material? If he keeps up his end of the bargain and puts in more promos and in-ring performances as he has of late, then he will deserve his main event shot. It has yet to be seen if he can do that, though. We shall see, but it’s a good opening set of shots by Truth.

And The Rest

What’s Rey Mysterio up to? Is it really a feud with the crack-pot R-Truth? Not really, he’s just a stepping stone for Truth’s push as the crazy heel. The Alberto Del Rio feud is just warming up with Big Show – although that’s on hold until his injury clears up. So ADR goes from competing from a top title, to being in limbo land with whoever he’s meant to be wrestling.

OK Kofi's on Raw and he's the mid-card champion with Ziggler looking on ... so what's new?

The US title scene looks interesting with current champ Kofi getting a win out of nowhere against Drew McIntyre with Dolph Ziggler looking on. Only problem is, where have I seen this before? Oh hold on, SmackDown with the Intercontinental championship. So tell me why is this going over again? Is this progress?

And that is the current question about where Raw and WWE is going at present. Where is the progress? Where are the feuds and the matches and the personalities that are designed to entertain us? It is a slow time for the company and so it’s an issue of waiting to see what happens the interim stuff though is like sitting in a waiting room – rubbish magazines to read and a clock ticking along. Waiting for the appointment to take place – and it’s about time WWE delivered with some appointments.




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