Brock Lesnar Mocks Eddie Guerrero

All I ever think of when I look at the people who perform is the nature of their performances.  Sometimes what they reveal about themselves behind the scenes in interviews can taint their performances.  Brock Lesnar is a key example in point.  I miss the guy in pro-wrestling.  For what he brought to the ring in terms of his persona, his in-ring ability and his overall wrestling schtick I think pro-wrestling misses Brock Lesnar.  For the quality of his performances as they improved and as he became more and more impressive for his mic work as well as the storytelling in matches pro-wrestling misses the guy.  It could do with him back.  Yet when I hear the guy in interviews and things like that, I think to myself, well maybe it’s just as well he moved on to ‘improve himself’.

An example of how good the guy was becoming was in his penultimate feud of worth in WWE before he moved on with Eddie Guerrero. It was the feud that allowed Eddie to win the top belt and part of it included this promo piece by Lesnar.  I think the guy’s hilarious in it.  You wouldn’t imagine he had it in him when he started off as the Next Big Thing with Paul Heyman as his mouthpiece, but he developed quickly and well.  Enjoy.




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