Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

I’m a father of three.  That’s what my wife reminds me of frequently.  The youngest one is just over a year old and so is at that age where my usual ramble at her about the important issues of life is met with a nonplussed look of complete oblivious ignorance to every word I saw.  So if my raconteur skills aint’ going to get her attention I go for the songs.  Yeah, sometimes I’ll sing at her, and when she finishes crying and vomiting at me, I’ll go to some original sources for inspiration.

I don’t have to go for the latest thing that’s on the Hit Parade (deliberate elderly reference).  some of the classics can work just as well at getting my daughter to at least look at something else and not be such a pain!  So there’s this great track by Elton John which has a lyrical content that still gets me scratching me head, but at least it’s sung with great passion.  I didn’t even mind when George had a duet with Elton because it’s a song he liked.  Don’t blame the guy at all.  It is after all a classic.

By the way, when the youngest grows up, she’ll look back on this track and possibly will have no idea how it relates to her – but for the record it works!  Enjoy.




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