Football Legends – Jimmy Greaves

I love a good documentary.  I love a good profile.  I love a good biographical insight.  So it is no surprise that when I discovered a series of documentaries on Football Legends and gave them a listen I was immediately captivated.  Thankfully the quality of the insight was just as good as the anticipation.  I chose Greaves in particular just because I’ve been fascinated by the guy for years.  On and off since I watched television his appearance as a pundit and then finding out when I read about the game about his reputation, I’ve been intrigued by the guy.  So coming across this radio profile was a gift for which I was and am truly grateful.

It’s great getting his own views on himself and he goes to show being modest isn’t about not recognising what you have.  Jimmy Armfield comes out well as the interviewer as well giving Greaves the space to be the mouth that made him part of the sound of ITV Sport during the 1980’s.  Great stuff, this. Enjoy.




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