Evolution of a Conversation – Michael Parkinson and Helen Mirren

Michael Parkinson and Helen Mirren get paid to talk.

Of course there is a bit more to it than that.  Parkinson’s career is built on the hard graft of journalism, finding and developing stories to inform and entertain readers – that’s not easy.  Mirren is one of the most gifted British actresses of her generation succeeding on stage, on screen and in Hollywood – that’s not easy.

It is of great interest seeing these two greats in their field having their initial conversations and obviously not enjoying the company of each other especially with Parkie taking an interest in Mirren’s ‘physical attributes’ as she carries on stroking her feather provocatively.

Seeing how they recall that interview over 30 years later is interesting as well comparing their recollection to what actually happened and how both have mellowed and Mirren still looking resplendent with all her ‘physical attributes’ in good working order.

This acts as a wonderful time piece to show the evolution of a conversation and what happens when two stalwarts who survive the ups and downs of their respective word-related professions look to where they’ve succeeded as well as how that looks in the light of previous conversations on a different basis of success.  Enjoy.




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