Balotelli and His Crib

Mario Balotelli has got quite a mixed reaction since he moved from Inter this season.  By a mixed reaction, I think it’s safe to say the mix goes something like part-acknowledgement that he is a good footballer and big-part-feeling that he’s arrogant, spoilt and portraying a petulant approach to the game that fans of the English version of the game don’t have patience for.

As with the types that draw certain reactions, however, I have taken to the man Balotelli and with news of his generous deeds also going in the mix, he has been a source of great humour for me and my football watching chums.  Indeed the matter that has aroused most interest has been his seeming inability to smile.  I was looking to see how many sightings of a Balotelli smile people could tick off and as yet were we to be paid a pound for every sighting, we would probably be among the beggars outside a nightclub/casino waiting for him to pop out to lend me a bob or 1,000.

I wonder how long he’ll last in England and at Man City and whether 2011-12 will be a season that sees him fulfil some of his own highly vaunted potential or if he’ll just be waiting for the quickest route from there.  In the meantime his commercial endeavours continue unabated with this promo which for the life of me has me baffled as to why I should be induced to purchase the product on such a flimsy virtually non-existent premise – get trainer, get pouty-pouty.

(Thanks to EPLTalk for the initial link.)




2 thoughts on “Balotelli and His Crib

  1. I’m glad to see this article doesn’t rip him to shreds. I thought I was alone in enjoying the fella’s odd characteristics. I’m not a City fan nor do I resent them for their wealth. I would love to see him prove all the doubters wrong. I’m still not really sure why though.

    1. Thank you for popping over. I’m not Mario’s biggest fan, but as ever the British welcome to the geezer … leaves a bit to be desired. It will be interesting to see how he comes out next season – there’s no doubt he has the tools to make a huge impact on Project Man City. Thanks again.

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