Tramp The Dirt Down – Background & Performance

I do feel privileged to have been brought up in a culture that thrives on creative expression.  I mean that.  Britain has thrived on creative expression – whether that’s noble and intrepid explorations, or works of literature, paintings, architecture or music.  Most of the down-points have been when the joy, life and freedom of genuine creative expression has been substituted for something else, like retaining power or suffering economic crisis.

So when people were not pleased with the Conservative government of 1979 onwards under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher, there was an opportunity for suppressing creative expression or allowing it to remain liberated and to their credit, the door was left open for characters like Elvis Costello to show what creative expression can do.  It’s not about agreeing with the statement or the politics, it’s about recognising how who we are as human beings enables us to convey ourselves in this manner.




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