Helter Skelter in Bits

The Beatles. Any group better?  Seriously?

So, having established that it’s always worth having a look at some of the stuff they put together that made such a memorable impact on culture.  Now something to state straight off the bat, is that I didn’t think everything the Beatles did was quality.  I thought their early pop stuff was good for the time, but not particularly enjoyable for me. My ears really begin to perk up interest at around the Revolver and Rubber Soul albums.  Towards the end as the splinters were more obvious and some of the songs suffered as a result.

Helter Skelter is a bizarre song more than reflective of a bizarre era.  It is one thing to take on the song as a whole, it is another thing to see the bits and pieces that go into making it.  So the vocals above and the guitar part, gives a fascinating insight into how do they do that.  Harmony type people can take a gander at what vocals were involved, the parts and the like and thus be inspired to rip it off, as all good researchers do.  As for the guitarists, well, that must be a case of sorting out how on earth you replicate that.

Love checking out songs in bits, and so it won’t be the first or last time you see this happen on this here blog.  Enjoy.




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