Green Lantern for 4 Minutes

I have not seen a movie in a cinema (which I chose to watch) in over a year.  That’s a long time for me.  So this summer is promising to be the start of a number of blockbuster summers that feature super hero movies.  Green Lantern is a comic concept that I’ve been interested in and I like it.  So does this trailer make me want to break the duck?  Well … errr … no.  It is intriguing, I like how they tick the boxes of the key steps in GL development and leaves interest into what the story will cover and whether it leaves room for a franchise.  What it lacks is the push factor that makes me want to think there is somethign in the film that pushes me to make that purchase.  It is intriguing but not compelling.  It is worthy of watching on DVD probably, but does not demand me to drag me carcass to the cinema to watch it … yet. So there’s still room for buzz and reviews to change me mind as to whether or not I watch it.  We shall see …

(Thanks to /Film for the heads up)




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