Remembering The Classics – Jimmy Tarbuck

Not that long ago I reviewed the autobiography of Les Dennis.  In it the author shares how his path to stardom was inspired by the work of the cheeky Liverpudlian comedian Jimmy Tarbuck.  It’s a very different era now.  No such thing as Sunday Night at the Palladium, no such platforms for comedians of that ilk to ply their trade.  Things change and rightly so because we get old and young people like their own thing.

The thing about life though, is that we didn’t just arrive.  Things did not start with young people.  We came on after someone else was on and what they did inevitably played a part in what we do.  So it’s worthwhile from time to time acknowledging where we’re coming form.  Where I’m coming from is the time when I would enjoy Sunday Night at the Palladium and Jimmy Tarbuck was a guy who I found funny.  Very funny indeed.  I was too young to pick up some of his slightly riskier quips, but I loved the guys cheeky style.

I like funny people today, especially funny people who don’t need crude or obscenity laden material to get laughs – that kind of era where you had to be careful what was said made the standard of entertainment all that more admirable, especially now that there’s not so much of an effort to be so ‘family friendly’.  Thus Jimmy T, I acknowledge and respect you, sir.




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