The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman

It was the era wherein science fiction had a firm grip on just what was possible with the human being.  So it was of no surprise that out should emerge two shows that would stretch the imagination of what could be possible with all the advances of surgery.

Lee Majors isn’t that far away from an acting template for the likes of David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider.  He is as close to American macho as you can get without going over the top.  He is strong, he is brave, he is fearless, etc. etc.  Basically no wonder he had all the makings of a two dimensional comic book kind of character.  Yet he pulls off being Steve Austin with aplomb.  Thankfully, however another Steve Austin would emerge on the scene who would really be the badass kinda guy that blokes look up to and respect.  In the meantime, this hombre was alright.

Was the Bionic Woman a nod in the direction of the militant feminists who were having their say at the time?  If so it was a fairly pathetic nod, although again to be fair, it was equally as pathetic and two dimensional as the male counterpart.  Truly this was a match made in TV science fiction heaven.  Yet stories are compelling not always because the characters are fully formed but you get to enjoy a good adventure with them and they are good enough to let you play along – it’s not melodrama or Shakespearean tragedy – it’s family entertainment and darn it, those Americans knew how to do it well!  Enjoy.




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