The Problem Of Faces

If they treat this guy right, there's no reason why he cannot be a top player as a force for the faces in wrestling

Errr … no this isn’t a problem with how people look – that would take a whole blog in itself.  This is just a brief reflection in the light of what I notice on the wrestling shows I watch.  There seems to be such a problem convincingly pulling off a genuinely admirable babyface (or just ‘face’) character.  As in a good guy who is a good guy because he is a good guy.  Not because he’s a Phenom, or because he’s an anti-hero.  Not because he’s good at poopy-jokes (if he’s even good at that) or is booked to be virtually invincible (must be the voices he hears in his head).  Those are not typically good guy qualities.

The nearest decently portrayed babyface I can think of at the moment is John Morrison whose cool look and amenable personality has the makings of a legitimate good guy because he is a good guy product.  AJ Styles could have been such a face, but I don’t think they booked him right, and he had the right storylines and he was ever able to put himself across as that likeable face.

He is a real American, apparently, and he's also still arguably the greatest face in the history of professional wrestling

You might argue about Rey Mysterio filling that role, and all credit to him, he is a most successful face.  I reckon that’s down to him being a plucky little guy who beats the big guys.  Noble though that is, it’s not quite the ideal mix to make you an outstanding face.  All the other great faces have also been able to be great heels.  The only possible exception has been Hulk Hogan who for all his heel personalities was a great and phenomenal babyface without needing poopy jokes (though yeah the invincibility deal was his first).

As another year goes by for both major companies will have to grapple with identifying a face that people of all ages can be attached to that can send them over the top, not just another stopgap until an established and frankly tired face can be unleashed again.  OK when I say it’s something for them to grapple with, I’m sure they won’t.  But failing to do so might not help their quest to be all the more attractive in the eyes of new viewers.  Achieving this might help to establish a new mentality of how to be good as a face and make it easier for wrestlers to be that, as opposed to the preference of wrestlers to be the bad guys.




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