Wonder Woman – How A Good Idea Gets Dated Fast

With the on-rush of super hero movies there is even one being bandied about regarding putting Wonder Woman to the big screen.  Indeed it’s not just the big screen that is taking up people’s interest, some are even suggesting perhaps something to do with a TV series.

It is at that point that a cursory note must be considered.  I’m sure at the time when the thing came together back in the day, the idea for the first live action Wonder Woman TV series felt right.  Yet looking at it now, it has not aged well at all.  It is as bad as some of the things they tried on Dr. Who back in the day to make it seem so full of fantasy and awe and just looks cheap and tacky.

This is even more noteworthy when you consider similar programmes of the era like The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman arguably aged better than Wonder Woman even though they likewise were based on superhuman attributes.

I’m sure they wouldn’t make the same mistake were they to try it again either for the big or small screen, but then the deal is how to give it that level of believability that has made some recent movies so big in the psyche of viewers.




One thought on “Wonder Woman – How A Good Idea Gets Dated Fast

  1. Well if we take the cheeziest scene from just about any pre 80s Superhero show or movie, the concept will seem too absurd to be revisited.

    The key is to creatively maintain the appeal of the source material/adaptations while making it resonate with the current viewership.

    It can be done well, the question is: “WILL IT BE?”

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