Mork and Mindy

You know, people get big and famous and do lots of things that gain lots of attention, but sometimes I wonder if these people look back and consider perhaps the best time in their lives was before it got all big and crazy.

Robin Williams was already a wildly funny and talented guy when he got his break on Mork and Mindy.  His stand-up was already getting rave reviews so he was one of those overnight successes that had been around for a while.  Yet this sitcom shot him to the stratosphere.  I dare say if people mention his name now they’ll throw so many other memories of him into the mix from his stand-up stuff to Good Morning Vietnam and Good Will Hunting.

For me, though, he will forever be connected to his zany performances as Mork.  He’ll be the first person to recognise the role the rest of the cast played in giving him the platform to fly, but without him this idea would have been dead in the water and without him there would have been no carrying on.

I wonder if a comedian can break through to the same degree as he did these days.




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