X-Men First Class Trailer

The X-Men franchise got tired.  Even the Wolverine effort which had a lot of promise didn’t live up to expectations.  It could have been because Bryan Singer who was a crucial part of the deal was not the director in the third X-Men film.  Whatever the case, as with a lot of trilogies, by the end of the third film you were glad it was over.  Well, it was meant to be over.  Let’s have a lookie at this, though.

It would appear that there will be an addition to the franchise in the look at the origins of the story that is such a fan favourite with comic book lovers.  The point of a trailer is to give enough of a taste of the film to entice possible viewers to give it a go.  As such, this trailer does not quite hit the mark.  Yes it looks interesting to see how characters became the way they are, especially with the dynamic of Xavier and Magnus.  For all of that though, there is soemthing lacklustre about it though.

I’d like to think I’ll give the film a chance, but the trailer does not make it that enticing, but let’s hope that this is all just a prelude for greatness and the boost that the franchise sorely needs.




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