When Did You Stop Loving Me … Marvin Gaye

There’s a saying that the path of true love never runs smooth and sadly in some cases there is a complete end to that path when two people who thought they loved each other realised in fact that they were anything but in love.

The painful end to the marriage of Marvin Gaye and Anna Gordy was the tragedy from which Marvin produced this harrowing track almost lyrically going through the myriad of emotions involved in this kind of parting of the ways.  It’s unlikely any other artist could have come up with such an extended take on the pain of parting with on the one hand selfish and bitter sentiments and on the other hand a desire to see the best in the former love.

In as much as it is a great track, it is one of those times when you wish that life never brought these occasions about to be the inspiration to such masterpieces. Enjoy?




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