George Harrison and the Story of My Sweet Lord

When I say the story of the song it is rather intriguing really.  Written in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1969, it is eventually released as a single by George Harrison – the writer.  It is a huge success becoming the first number one single from the solo career of a Beatle.

That would all be well and hunky dory if the makers of this song He’s So Fine by the Chiffons didn’t take exception to the similarities between Harrison’s song and theirs.  It lead to a court case where Harrison was found guilty and charged to give royalties to the publishing company of the Chiffons … which was eventually purchased by … George Harrison.

In response to the ruling Harrison applied his creative abilities to this witty song mocking up the result and leaving nothing to the imagination as to how well he was taking the decision.  Still, these things happen and Harrison didn’t let it stop him continuing a vastly successful solo career, despite always being in the shadows of the other two main songwriting Beatles.  Enjoy.




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