Child in the 80’s – The Movies

I am not the quintessential historian.  I’m not going to give the perfect balanced view of what happened when, because I just cannot be bothered to go that far into research and all that malarkey.  I’m fairly happy to go off what I remember.

What I remember being born in 1977 is first and foremost the 1980’s.  Now I was two when 1980 began and 12 by the end of 1989 and so that’s the first decade I remember.  What I remember wasn’t all that good.  In fact I reckon I grew up in a right boring set of decades which could hardly claim to be the greatest in human history.  Remember, though, that’s just what I remember, I could be wrong.

Well when it came to remembering movies, I was kinda wrong.  Check these pretty good movies of the 1980’s.

Eddie Murphy good films – Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places (one of my favourites … which I saw in the 1990’s for obvious reasons) and 48 Hours – has he done anything better since?

Batman when it was good before it was bad before it was good again – it is only the fact that The Dark Knight is so awesome that Bale edges out Keaton in portraying the Batman, but this was a very, very good film.

Beetlejuice – another one I watched in the next decade but again proving what a brilliant actor Keaton was and how a good comedy could be done in the unorthodox way.

Back to the Future – well that was definitely one for the family and I thought Christopher Lloyd was underrated for his role in this enjoyable film

Gandhi – one of those films that was epic and should be shown again as often as they show the James Bond films or now the Matrix trilogies (yes ITV I’m talking to you).

It wasn’t that bad a decade when it came to movies, in the light of that.  What do you reckon?  Enjoy.




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