AF Review of 2010 – The Year In Books

Among Friends was strong over 2010.

Stronger than its ever been before in terms of blogging and the range of blogs we’ve put on. One area of those strengths was the book reviews over the year. Even accounting for the unforeseen hiatus in blogging over September and October, the blog was still able to post 15 book reviews.

It’s been a good year for the reviews and as you’ll see the majority of them have been on football. I’m not ashamed of that, after all I like football. One of the ideas for 2011, however is to redress the balance somewhat to allow reviews from other tastes that I have – you’ll be seeing that in the upcoming months.

The plan, however, is not to post a review on every book I read. First that would be a whole heap more book reviews. Second, and most importantly, I don’t believe it’s worth while wasting my time reviewing a book that was a waste of time. Might be worth mentioning in passing, but hardly merits a review in itself.

Of the books reviewed in 2010 there are a few that would compete for the book of the year and it’s not an easy decision to reach. Yet of them all, the top book for my mind was Philip Norman’s The Stones. The review itself will highlight was such a great read and it’s something for me to choose that given my apathy to The Stones themselves.

Worth mentioning as well is Manchester United: The Biography by Jim White, which is a brilliant read. Also the biography of Phil Spector was a review I was pleased with, and was also reflected in being one of the highest viewed blog entries of last year.

You can now access all the AF Book Reviews here.  Here’s to another year of good books and hopefully good book reviews right here on AF. Enjoy.




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