In The Pipeline … Coming Up in 2011

So we are at the end of 2010 and it’s been a remarkable year for so many reasons.  There will be a longer reflection on the year in a future entry.

One famous saying suggests that the only thing constant is change and that will be the case with this blog.  I’ve enjoyed the format of a number of thing this blog has produced in 2010 and I want to maintain that and improve it where I can.  What you can also expect, however, are a few cosmetic changes to the site.  I love the widescreen formats of the YouTube clips I put on here, and I’m also cool with how other clips appear, I have been exploring some new layouts and you can expect to see the new one very soon.

Plans are also afoot to guarantee at least one book review on a monthly basis on this blog.  Also in terms of reviews I’ll be posting more movie reviews on this blog as well – new and old movies.  There are also moves in an extended state of negotiations to get guest blog posts up here and some interviews with people about some of the issues that I touch on here on the blog.  I’m hoping that will be a refreshing new feature for your reading (and listening?) pleasure.

Little changes, but substantial enough to develop this site from the advances it has made in 2010.  As ever I’ll seek to touch on football, super heroes, music, television (especially Dr. Who), books, nostalgia, wrestling, films, politics, comedy and all the other areas of interest that makes Among Friends the eclectic blog it is.  Thank you for reading.  Continue to enjoy.




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