Doctor Who Christmas Special Preview

It is really cool to have the time to catch up on some things.  When you’re busy with family and work commitments it is difficult to make the time to catch up on the things that you wanted to get done.

I’ve enjoyed blogging on AF this year more than ever before and feel in some places I’ve really caught the crest of my creative wave on some issues.  I’ve not been able to complete all that I set out to do this year, but I’ve given it the best shot that I have and know that the best is yet to come.

One area that’s been neglected of late, partially because of the lack of new material and partially because I’ve not had the time to go back is the Doctor Who coverage.

Thankfully the news on websites especially blogs keeps me up to date with what’s going on like the filming for the new season and the much anticipated Christmas special where the BBC have given it pride of place in their Christmas Day schedule.  I look forward to seeing what the show is like and no doubt will post a review of it on here not long after it has been broadcast.

Plans are also afoot to post some catch up blogs reviewing the rest of Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor and expect there to be some more thoughts on the tenures of previous Doctors.

All this to say, just as the Doctor remains on the television screens, so he remains a keen interest of this here blog and you can expect to see more stuff on the Doctor in the not too distant future.  Enjoy.




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