Lennon Tribute – A Top 30

It was only recently that I was reminded that today marks the 30th anniversary of the sad departure of John Lennon.  ITV had a documentary on the day he died which made for fascinating viewing and yet … it was a bit … mawkish.

Anyway, there can be no doubting Lennon was a pivotal part of 20th Century cultural history of the West, whether as a Beatle or a solo, his stuff made an impact and al these years later he still continues to make strong impressions on people from all walks of life.

This list was something interesting to check and the number one was a surprise, yet you get the impression that this guy knows his Lennon to come up with the selection and the placings of those tracks.

As with the best artists, he may no longer be with us in the flesh but his legacy lingers on.  I wonder if he ever thought that would be the case.  I wonder if he would imagine that.




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