Liverpool vs. Spurs – Not That I’m Bitter Or Anything

Liverpool are not as bad this season as people are making out, but neither are they good enough to make a Champions League place.  the game yesterday against Spurs proved that.  At 1-0 and especially after the penalty miss, I thought there was enough for us to get a positive result from the game.  Spurs go ahead and prove themselves the comeback Kings again and take all three points.

More on a review of the Premier League nearer the halfway mark.  In as much as I acknowledge Spurs as the better side presently, it’s still hard to see Liverpool not hitting the heights that they used to.  Hence this little video to remind me of how it used to be.  Ahhh sweet memories.  Enjoy (unless you’re a Spurs fan, obviously).




One thought on “Liverpool vs. Spurs – Not That I’m Bitter Or Anything

  1. I feel pretty much the same with the result at White Hart Lane. I am, however, not in the same mind as those fans calling for Roy Hodgson to get the sack. Funny thing is, they would be doing no such thing had Liverpool won 4-0 or 4-2. That would have been the case if Torres and Maxi had finished their chances. Roy played an attacking 4-4-2 and it was entertaining and enjoyable. He can’t be blamed for Torres not taking his chances.

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