One Of The Weirdest Wrestling Promos Ever

OK usually for truly bizarre promos when it comes to wrestling you go to an indy source where there’s the creativity given to be as weird as you want.  The higher up you go, the less weird it gets or the more outlandish and cartoonish the weird is.  So it was quite remarkable for WWE to put across this promo with Shawn Michaels in the run up to his first Wrestlemania match against Undertaker in 2009.  So much time and effort in the whole set-up and the long drawn out introduction.  Then to cap that off with the promo itself and the good vs. evil, dark vs. light thing taken to biblical proportions was truly … weird.  Then to discover that ‘dark’ won – twice as this year’s Wrestlemania proved, well that is just the nature to which pro-wrestling just doesn’t have to connect with conventionality.

Michaels convinces in getting his point across and not having a problem making his real faith in Jesus a real part of this storyline.  It is quite something to see.




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