Awesome Adverts – Kronenbourg 1664 – The Ace of Spades

Now recently I was sharing my rather negative views on reggae music only to post something of that very genre.  At the time there were concerns for my mental wellbeing.  Well, just to further alarm those concerned about my sanity from reggae I go to the other end of the spectrum (not that it is, but if I say that, then at least it polarises them for my purposes).  Heavy metal music is about as enjoyable to me as a bullet to my brain.  The noise and devotion to anger, violence, rage and other associated negative elements to the genre makes me give it a wide berth often.

Yet here I am extolling the virtues of a song from that very genre.  Thankfully, the tone of the piece is a lot more sedate than the original version.  I love the idea of taking a very heavy song and chilling it way out with this acoustic version.

It’s also fascinating getting insight into the making of the advert, especially with the original musicians complaining that it’s being slowed down way too much.  I am only surprised they didn’t complain that the volume wasn’t loud enough either!

So this stripped down ‘unplugged’ version of the song has me applauding it for being enjoyable.  Therefore – enjoy.




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