On Days Like This – Summer Soft – A Birthday Indulgence

It’s my birthday today.  Apparently when you hit a certain age you don’t make a big deal about your birthday.  So I’m not making a big deal of it – if I were there would be tons of blogs running up to this one with a link to my Amazon wish-list and a hint about what you do after that.  Too late now.  (Why do I think of these things way too late?)

So being my birthday I’m giving myself the liberty of an indulgence.  It could have been about football. It could have been about Dr. Who.  It could have been about pro-wrestling.  It could have been about funny stuff.  It could have been about politics.  It could have been about chocolate.  As it is, it’s about music and when push comes to shove, when the back is up against the wall and I’m given one artist to listen to then that artist is Stevie Wonder.  I think it’s safe to say no other artist is as represented on this blog in entries as he is – he even gets his own category!

I’ve blogged on Summer Soft, one of my favourite tracks of his, before, but I’m happy to do it again solely on the basis that it’s got that India.Arie video that wasn’t there before and then obviously we’ve got to appreciate the original once more.

It’s my birthday – it’s my blog – I can do what I want.  And this is what I want – enjoy.




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