Reggae On A DMCD Blog? Is This The Cold Day In Hell?

I’m as surprised as you are.  I’ve gone over it time and time again.  I don’t like reggae music at all.  I’ve listened to so much and it has seriously become a music of great boredom to me.  I appreciate there are people who like it.  I get that.  Yet there are people who like Marmite, cheese, egg mayonnaise, pizza, The X-Factor, The Jeremy Kyle Show and a day out to see dolphins.  It’s what the psychotherapist industry was made for so I don’t make too much of a big deal about it.

Yet indeed here it is.  I am sane, I have not lost the plot completely, it is still my blog and it’s still reggae music.  I allow it because it’s a good song with a good message – conscious lyrics as I was informed before telling the guy not to push it and play even more reggae.  I acknowledge and applaud this kind of music – it is good.  Let’s be clear though – the track is good.  Not the whole genre.  As you were.  Enjoy (who’d have thought I’d use a word like that in conjunction with listening to reggae?  Maybe there’s something to those claims of my insanity).




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