Hogan Becomes nWo Champion

Recently I gave TNA a fairly lukewarm review in terms of their current position.  Part of that was because of their use of some old storylines and the effort to maintain the old stagers at the top of the pile, which wasn’t really ‘bringing anyone to the dance’ so to speak.  I then had a peek through some history and came up with this match that saw Hogan established as the World Champ for the umpteenth time, but on this occasion his new heel role at the top of nWo made the run all the more important.

I’m not a Hogan fan at all.  I acknowledge his impact on pro-wrestling and how he’s a fan favourite to quite a lot of people and the characters I love today would not have had the exposure were it not for the trail that he blazed.  Yet there’s something about him and his character that I was never convinced by.  Not just the cartoon element, but how he typifies the need for a pro-wrestler to have a huge ego to get to the top.

For all that though, his role in this storyline undoubtedly made the whole nWo feature take off like never before and reinvigorate his character to keep it near the top of the food chain for a good few years at least.  Current wrestling champions would do well to look at his championship runs to get a good glimpse of what makes a proper champion either as heel or face.  He had a great way of working the crowd and telling a compelling story even if his ring-work wasn’t stellar.  Enjoy.




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