While I’ve Been Away – The Best Ad in 2010

I’m a sucker for adverts as you know, not a sucker in the sense of I’ll watch it and then have to get whatever’s advertised, just a sucker in the sense that if it’s a good one or a particularly annoying one it will stick and I’ll be a sucker to tend to share it wherever possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen adverts in my time, but the one above is arguably the best advert of 2010 and I’d argue it’s the best advert I’ve come across in ages.  I cannot think of a better ad.  I remember watching this and laughing for the longest time and I haven’t stopped laughing since.  I mean I’ve probably seen this advert at least 30 times now and it’s still funny!  That’s a sign of a good advert.

Then they tell me there’s a follow up to it?!!  You what??  OK it will never have the same impact as the first one – it’s the rule of sequels to not match the heights of the original, but this is still a laugh out loud funny advert.  And this is what’s been taking up my time since I’ve been away.  OK not all the time, there were other issues as well preventing regular blogging over the last month or two, but this ad has been such a comfort!

More from AF in forthcoming entries – I’m back and hopefully back for the long term, which is good news for more entries in 2010!  Don’t forget to enjoy.




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