AF Is Not Sponsored By Costa

I’m on a sponsorship thing then at the moment celebrating the fact that such are phases of the moment that I might as well be sponsored by the various goods and items.  A recent event, however, made me aware that there are some things that Iwould not want to sponsor me at all.

The family and I went down to Gatwick recently to collect a family friend and whilst waiting my good lady wife thought it would be right and proper to get some form of refreshment of the hot variety.  At this point, she elected to partake of a beverage from Costa and that, my dear reader, is where the monster reared it’s ugly head.

I am not a poor man.  I got my bills to pay and loans to repay.  I’ve got responsibilities that require significant expenditure and I’m privileged to be employed to get a decent wage.  I don’t have a lot of disposable income, but I’m not poor.  For all that though, the prices for beverages at Costa are so ridiculous I can now understand why some refer to them as Costa Fortune.  I prefer to refer to them as Costa Lot.  It is a good thing that I’m not a hot beverages kinda guy and was desperate or else I would be in serious trouble surviving by getting that nice hot cuppa from the place.  I was tempted to encourage me lady wife to keep the cup in which her beverage was consumed as a contribution to making the expense make sense.  I didn’t, obviously, at the rates that they charge I’m sure Costa not only own coffee plants, but also electronically tag every paper cup.

So there … this blog is not sponsored by Costa Lot – and don’t get me started on motorway service areas!




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