Transfer Travails

I am not going to do a proper preview of the season ahead until after those 25-man squads are named on September 1st after the exciting end to the transfer window – and hey when you think about it, it won’t be that long to come.  In the meantime, though, there’s an article on the BBC website on the Big Four becoming the Big Two which gives some pause for thought.  Do I agree with the analysis?  Well I’ll let you know come the beginning of September.

What I will do now, however, is suggest that if certain clubs are waiting until near the end of the window to make their purchases, they could be making a mistake.  Unless the signing is proven and will quickly establish himself into the side, you could run the risk of waiting a lot longer to incorporate a player into your side.  That’s said in the light of the ongoing wrangling some clubs are having in the transfer market and the long running sagas of some signings.  I’d have thought it would have been in the best interests of everyone to make sure the player was signed as soon as possible so as a) to get the player bedded into his new club and b) to get the funds active in reinforcing the club who get the money.  That would have made sense to me, but I’m sure the experts who do these things have their reasons for making it run the way it does.

How long does it take for James Milner to leave Villa?  How long does it take for Man City to buy a striker?  Why does it have to take so long?  Somebody knows and somebody is getting very rich from the whole deal, but it is not the fans of either the buying or the selling club.

But hey, 24 hours from now we’ll be waiting for the Chelsea vs. West Brom match as well mulling over the first few results of the new season.  The wait is nearly over, the enjoying the festival of football is about to begin all over again.




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