Community Shield – DMCD Reckons

So all the hype is nearly over and the football is here.  The Football League matches started this weekend and the Premier League kicks off next week and to kick that off we have one of my favourite ‘it means nothing’ matches – the ultimate friendly – the Community Shield.

This year sees Man Utd take on Chelsea which as got to have been the fisxture regularly for the last five years or something crazy like that.  This time around though, things are interesting.  These two are undoubtedly among the favourites to capture the league prize this season, and yet for the careful observer there are distinguishable chinks in the armour.  Chelsea showed last season great skill and tenacity in winning the league and also showed that on a bad day they can be beaten.  It’s clear that Man Utd are still in transition, they have the burgeoning, promising players almost teetering on fully expressing themselves but are not as dominating and fearful a side as they have been in time past.

For the pretenders to the crown there is enough daylight to consider possibly challenging these two for their dominance with the league over what feels like the last decade.  Whether or not the pretenders will have what it takes will make this season all the more intriguing. 

As for today’s game.  Usually it’s not classic football at it’s highest and I’m not expecting this to give any kind of indication how these teams will do.  Chelsea can’t be bothered in their pre-season games, apparently this pre-season if you look at the results and this is a high profile occasion to snook a crook at those who feel that counts for anything.  I reckon it will be a tight scrappy game with Chelsea with or without Drogba just about edging it.  I say 2-1.




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