AF Is Sponsored By … Ginger Beer

This continues the AF is sponsored by … series begun this week read here to find out a bit more.

When I was younger so much younger than today and didn’t need anybody’s help in anyway, I loved me my ginger beer.  Now those days are gone and I’m so self-assured I went and found I changed my mind and opened up the door … but I still love me my ginger beer, so I don’t need your help in that area.

As you know, because it is the most important beverage ever concocted by mankind, there are many different types of ginger beer, from the homemade to the carbonated types that get an airing here and there.  Let me just put it on the line for you.  In as much as Sainsbury’s and Tescos can have their own brand and that kind of malarkey and they may veer on the adequate, for the perfect ginger beer experience you need go no further than the Old Jamaica Ginger Beer material.  It might be the only time you see me hailing the qualities of products from Jamaica with my embedded bias against them and all (it’s not a prejudice you understand, me Dad, Mum, brother, sister and other assorted human beings hail from that island, so it’s not prejudice, it’s informed bias).

I’ve got back into the stuff recently and it really does me some good and there are few taste sensations than swigging a bottle full of the fizzy stuff down the neck so that the burn hits you and then before long up erupts a volcano of a belch that enriches and embellishes life as you know it.  You are literally cleansing all the inside stuff with that kinda belch and can even recall some recent meals by the power of such an action.  Grand stuff, indeed.

I know I’m not the only one who loves the taste.  I’m assured that my sister tolerates it, and me wife will engage in it from time to time.  Most importantly my brother and I share in the GB love (again the only time you’ll hear GB and love in the same sentence, I was born in GB, don’t get me wrong but still, I refer you to my bracketed comments vis a vis Jamaica).

So there you have it – ginger beer – it’s the real thing.  (That tag line might work you know … I know no one else could ever use such an orginal thought and make money from it …)




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