AF Is Sponsored By … Aero

Now to be fair, I don’t get any sponsorship at all for these blogs.  Yeah, I know it’s worth the sponsorship, yeah I know it’s good for the sponsorship, but no one as yet has come forward to invest significantly into this great endeavour.  That’s not a problem at the moment, I’m happy to let those millions wait and then when they come a calling …

Anyway, although I’m not sponsored, I guess some of my habits and pastimes and frequently purchased goods may give the impression that I’m sponsored by them in the same way that an athlete sponsored by a particular product needs to be seen in that product as often as possible and definitely not in a significant competitor’s gear.

So reflecting that and my current activity, it made sense to start the AF Is Sponsored By … series by addressing my current phase of loving Aero.  I get it as part of the 99p deal every time.  Everything else changes, but the Aero remains.  I’m absolutely in love with it at the moment.  Sometimes it takes a conscious effort to not get it and if I don’t get that I’ll tend not to get anything!  But there you go, for the time being anyway, I am a man for Aero.

That won’t last obviously, I’ll go over to something else soon, but I’m enjoying the deal while it lasts.




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