Interesting Things I’ve Read

I’m still very much on hiatus mode with AF.  I’ve moved location recently and am sorting out the arrangements around that, and also recently my laptop has decided to go on the blink, so I’m using alternative resources.  I’ll look to make every opportunity to blog more extensively with the usual video clips as soon as things settle down.

In the meantime I can highlight some things I’ve been reading of late in the football world that’s of interest.

The Daily Mail has a look at the impact of the new Premier League rules limiting numbers in the squad.  This for me provides some fascinating and intriguing outcomes as the deadline day approaches.  I like the principles behind it and it comes across as an effort to even the playing field.  It would be too early to comment on it on the basis of one effort unless it was an unmitigated disaster, but it will still be fun to see how clubs cope.

James Lawton over at the Independent is a well-respected columnist and I enjoy reading his articles most of the time.  He takes a look at the challenges Roberto Mancini faces at Manchester City.  This is an issue, I would love to converse on in a future blog, for the time being what Lawton has to say makes for interesting reading.  My own take, in brief, is that Mancini is under incredible pressure to produce especially with that level of investment in the squad (one that he has to trim significantly if he’s to make the 25 man limit).  Anything less than 3rd place would not be good enough for the level of overall financial input given to the squad in the last two seasons.

Newsarse is one of my favourite new sites for the way they take apart the news – really clever and funny and their take on Sol Campbell’s scheduled transfer to Newcastle United is one of those examples of why they are so hilarious.  Will he be as bad as they made him out to be … I don’t think so, but we will see.





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