Fancy A Jelly Baby?

In this series Matt Smith has been really good at being a quirky characterisation of the Doctor in two instances in particular.  The first was in the Victory of the Daleks where he holds up the dreaded foe with a Jammy Dodger – absolutely hilarious, classic Doctor stuff including my favourite line concerning sweet tarts/sweet hearts!  Then in the last episode of the season there was the Fez business which I adored and hope it makes a comeback in future episodes.  This marked the Smith Doctor as distinct from Tennant or Eccleston who may have done quirky but Smith had a slant of his own on quirky.  Some commentators have stated it hails to the Second and Fourth Doctors.

That had me thinking about my favourite Doctor and his jelly baby deal.  Now with the scarf and the grin the jelly baby deal was just the thing to add to his identity as an iconic Doctor.  As you’ll see in this compilation Smith’s hold up of the Daleks with the JD is similar to Baker’s attempted stick up with the threat of a JB.  So Smith’s in very good company.  Enjoy.




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